Learning Management System Review


Learning Management System Review Team

A project team will be formed to analyze the needs provided by the faculty listening sessions, faculty survey, and other meetings as they arise. The group will have representation from IT, Continuing Education, Faculty and students.

Project team duties and responsibilities include:

  • Facilitation of the listening sessions that are being held in November 2016
  • Review of the Faculty Survey questions that relate to UNI eLearning
  • Review current LMS products to understand functionality and feature sets to help assist the decision process
  • Coordinate on campus demos of our current product and possibly others as determined
  • Draft a recommendation for direction to present at several governance groups on campus including Deans Council, Academic Affairs Council, Faculty Senate and Northern Iowa Student Government.

LMS Review Team Co-Chairs

Melanie Abbas, Director
IT Educational Technology & Media Services 

Faculty Co-chair

Lyn Countryman, Professor
Department of Teaching

LMS Review Team Members

Faculty (volunteers at this time )

  • Sue Alborn-Yilek, Asst Professor, Educational Leadership and Postsecondary Education
  • Theresa Spradling, Professor, Biology
  • Stephen Taft, Assoc Professor, Theatre
  • Lyn Countryman, Professor, Teaching
  • Jeff Byrd, Department Head & Professor, Art
  • Michelle Swanson, Instructor, Music
  • Belle Cowden, Continuing Education
  • Doug Case, IT - Client Services
  • Farah Kashef, IT - ETMS/COE
  • Jason Vetter, IT - ETMS
  • Jeffrey Ries, IT - ETMS
  • Lori Seawel, IT - ETMS
  • Matthew Gaffney, CHAS tech
  • Matthew Gordon, CSBS tech
  • Matthew Lawson, Library tech
  • Michelle Kosalka, Continuing Education
  • Paul Moes, IT - ETMS
  • Peter Yezek, IT - NIS
  • Rick Seeley, IT - ETMS
  • Sue Wood, IT - Client Services
  • Wayne Twitchell, IT - AIS


  • Anna Kron
  • Sunny Teeling
  • Cade Olmstead